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Welcome to DIKAPABED, famous for LED bed frames that are especially popular in Australia. We are based in China and we combine the latest LED technology with strong designs. We can send you new samples in just 7 days and they will be great quality.

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Navigate Your Monthly Bulk Ordering of Custom Sofa Beds Effortlessly

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose DIKAPABED?

As a discerning furniture wholesaler who values both quality and cost-efficiency, the choice of your sourcing partner is critical. Below are compelling reasons why you should consider partnering with us for your monthly container orders of sofa beds:

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Upgrade Your Collection with Our LED Bed Frames

Transform your offerings with DIKAPABED’s LED bed frames, featuring customizable, smartphone-controlled lighting that sets your inventory apart.

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Ready to set yourself apart?
Our LED bed frames at DIKAPABED combine the latest designs with customization options.
Use our app-controlled lighting to set the mood for any occasion.
We can customize these frames to match your style and meet the diverse tastes of your customers.

Looking to Explore Custom LED Beds Options?

Ready to brighten up your inventory with DIKAPABED’s customizable LED bed frames? Get in touch with us now to find out how we can customize our products to fit your unique business requirements and take your offerings to the next level.

Estimated Cost Analysis For LED Beds

Navigating through the myriad of costs associated with importing sofa beds can be complex. Here’s a simplified example cost breakdown tailored for wholesalers importing to the UK:

LED Beds Duration Estimation : A Guide for Wholesalers and Importers

You’re in the business of importing sofa beds, and we understand that time is a crucial factor for you. This guide will help you understand the timeline of each stage in the process—helping you plan better, satisfy your customers, and manage your finances effectively.

  • Sample Production: Experience our efficiency firsthand with a rapid 7-day turnaround for sample orders.
  • Bulk Order Production: For larger orders, we maintain a brisk production pace, completing them within 30-45 days, perfectly catering to your large-scale requirements.
  • Global Sea Freight: Our logistics network ensures your orders reach global destinations within approximately 30-60 days, depending on location.

Want to know how to compress lead times?

Looking to expedite your monthly container orders of sofa beds? Contact us now for expert guidance on compressing lead times without sacrificing quality.

The Basic Knowledge About LED Beds

how can businesses in australia import led beds from china

Based on my search results, here are some key points for Australian businesses looking to import LED beds from China:

  • LED beds would likely fall under the tariff classification 9405.20.00 "Electric table, desk, bedside or floor-standing lamps" under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) 1.
  • Importers need to ensure proper HS code classification to determine applicable tariff rates.
    1. Import Documentation:
    • Commercial invoice detailing product value, description, and trade terms
    • Packing list stating contents of each box
    • Bill of lading showing goods type, quantity, and destination 3
    • Letter of credit or proof of payment to Chinese supplier may be required
    1. Compliance and Regulations:
    • Ensure LED beds meet Australian product safety standards and restrictions 3
    • Check the Product Safety Australia website for any specific regulations on lighting/furniture products
    • No specific import licenses generally required for consumer goods like LED beds 3
    1. Logistics and Shipping:
    • Use a freight forwarder to handle logistics from China to Australia
    • Sea freight typically takes around 4 weeks 3
    • Air freight is faster but more expensive
    • Importers are responsible for customs clearance once goods arrive in Australia 5
    1. Supplier Evaluation:
    • Conduct thorough background checks on potential Chinese suppliers 6
    • Request product samples and technical specifications
    • Evaluate multiple suppliers for best pricing, quality, and reliability
    • Platforms like Alibaba can help find LED bed manufacturers in China 78
    1. Costs to Consider:
    • Product costs from the Chinese supplier
    • Shipping/freight costs from China to Australia
    • Customs duties/taxes calculated based on product value 4
    • Customs brokerage fees for clearance in Australia
    By understanding product classification, documentation, compliance, logistics, supplier evaluation, and associated costs, Australian businesses can streamline the process of importing high-quality LED beds from reputable manufacturers in China.

Based on the search results provided, there are a few different types of LED beds available in the market:

  1. LED Headboard Beds
    These beds have LED lights integrated into the headboard design. The headboard is typically upholstered and the LED lights create a soft, ambient glow behind or around the headboard area. Examples include the Seville Black LED Bed 2, Seville Grey LED Bed 2, and Ludlow LED Fabric Headboard beds 2.
  2. LED Frame Beds
    In these beds, the LED lights are built into the frame itself, often along the side rails or footboard area. This allows the LED lighting to illuminate the entire bed frame. Examples are the Wentworth LED Fabric Grey Fabric Bed 2 and Torton LED Fabric beds 2.
  3. LED Storage Beds
    Some LED beds come with built-in storage drawers or an ottoman-style base, and the LED lights are incorporated into the frame or headboard. Examples include the Stanlake LED Fabric Grey Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed 2 and Loxley LED Fabric Crushed Silver Velvet Storage Ottoman Bed 2.
  4. LED Beds with Additional Features
    Certain LED beds offer extra features like charging ports (USB, Type-C), adjustable headboards, or smart home integration for controlling the LED lights. An example is the VASAGLE LED Bed Frame on Amazon 4 with USB ports and an adjustable headboard.
  5. RGB LED Beds
    Some LED beds allow you to change the color of the LED lights, offering RGB (red, green, blue) lighting options. This is mentioned for the Mjkone RGB LED Lighting Bed 1.

So in summary, LED beds can incorporate the lighting into the headboard, frame, storage base, or a combination of these areas, while also offering additional features like charging ports, adjustable components, and color-changing RGB lighting.

  • FOB Price: $60 - $69
  • Simplest design with LED light headboard and basic features.
  • FOB Price: $81.5 - $94
  • Includes storage gas lift and wood slat with LED light headboard.
  • FOB Price: $89.9 - $99
  • Features a drawer and LED light headboard.
  • FOB Price: $91.5 - $99
  • PVC headboard with LED light, available in three sizes.

The FOB price ranges for these LED bed frames vary from $60 to $105, depending on the model and size. The prices reflect the inclusion of LED lighting features and other design elements such as storage options and the materials used.

When dealing with LED bed frames, business clients should be aware of several safety and installation requirements:

  1. Electrical Safety: Ensure that the LED lighting components and wiring are compliant with Australian electrical safety standards. Proper installation by a qualified electrician is recommended to prevent electrical hazards.
  2. Product Compliance: LED bed frames should meet the mandatory safety standards for furniture and electrical items as set by Australian authorities. This includes compliance with the Australian Consumer Law for product safety and consumer rights.
  3. Installation Instructions: Clear and detailed installation instructions should be provided by the manufacturer. This ensures that the bed frames are assembled correctly and safely, maintaining the structural integrity of the product.
  4. Heat Dissipation: Since LEDs generate heat, it's important to ensure that the bed frame allows for adequate heat dissipation to prevent overheating and potential fire risks.
  5. Weight Capacity: Verify the weight capacity of the bed frame to ensure it can safely support the intended use, including the weight of the mattress, occupants, and any additional items.
  6. Material Safety: Materials used in the construction of the bed frame, such as PVC, should be checked for flammability ratings and any local regulations related to fire safety for bedroom furniture.
  7. Maintenance: Provide guidance on the maintenance of LED components to ensure longevity and safety. This includes instructions on how to replace LEDs or address any electrical issues that may arise.
  8. Certifications: Look for LED bed frames that have relevant certifications, such as CE, RoHS, or SAA for Australia, which indicate that the product has been tested and meets specific safety standards.

By adhering to these safety and installation requirements, business clients can ensure that the LED bed frames they offer to their customers are safe, reliable, and compliant with Australian standards.

how can businesses in australia import led beds from china

The FAQs About LED Beds

Find quick answers to your most pressing questions about our sofa beds, customization options, ordering process, and more. Tailored for wholesalers, this section aims to clarify all your commercial queries.


Our products are rigorously tested to meet Australian safety standards. We ensure that all electrical components are certified and compliant with local regulations, and we provide detailed installation instructions to facilitate safe assembly and use

Absolutely. We offer a range of LED color temperatures and the ability to program different lighting effects. For larger orders, we can work with you to customize the LED colors to align with your branding or design requirements.

Yes, we can provide samples for your evaluation. We understand the importance of firsthand experience with our products, and we're confident that the quality of our LED bed frames will meet your expectations.vinar dapibus leo.

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Absolutely! Our LED bed frames come with customizable lighting options, allowing you to select from a variety of colors and configurations to match any design theme or preference.

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