Custom Mattress for High-Volume Retailers

Are you a retailer seeking reliable, high-volume monthly mattress orders? Langfang Liutai Furniture delivers scalability and exceptional value to meet your business demands. Secure quality, comfort, and affordability for your monthly inventory.

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Elevate Your Inventory with Top Picks

Discover mattresses that lead the market in quality and affordability, curated for high-volume retailers like you.

Euro Top Breeze Spring Mattress

Tight Top Spring Mattress

Platinum Spring Mattress

Platinum Spring Mattress

220g knitted fabric+3cm 25D foam +non-waven

Euro Top Breeze Spring Mattress

300 Sets/Container

Tight Top Spring Mattress

250 knitted fabric,3cm 25D high density topper foam ,5CM hign quality 30D support foam,white felt,18cm pocket spring

Looking to Explore Custom Mattress Options?

With a diverse range of over 500 products in our catalog, simply leave your email address, and our specialized engineers will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Estimated Cost Analysis For Mattress

Navigating through the myriad of costs associated with importing matresses can be complex. Here’s a simplified example cost breakdown tailored for wholesalers importing to the UK:

Note: The above costs are estimates and may vary depending on factors such as location, volume, and fluctuations in currency or tariffs. For a more personalized cost breakdown tailored to your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mattress Duration Estimation : A Guide for Wholesalers and Importers

You’re in the business of importing mattresses, and we understand that time is a crucial factor for you. This guide will help you understand the timeline of each stage in the process—helping you plan better, satisfy your customers, and manage your finances effectively.

Step 1: Research and Negotiation Phase

  • Market Research: You’ll need about 1-2 weeks to gauge market demand, trends, and your competition.
  • Supplier Identification: Allocate another 1-2 weeks to identify and vet potential suppliers.
  • Negotiation: Count on a week to hammer out the terms, prices, and conditions with your supplier.

Step 2: Manufacturing Phase

  • Prototype Development: If a new design is on the cards, set aside 2-4 weeks.
  • Production Time: A window of 6-12 weeks is common, depending on complexity and volume.
  • Quality Control: Budget 1-2 weeks for inspections and adjustments.

Step 3: Shipping and Customs

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection: A week should suffice for final quality checks.
  • Freight Booking and Loading: Approximately 1-2 weeks, including time for logistics coordination.
  • Ocean Freight: Typically 3-6 weeks, depending on the shipping route.
  • Customs Clearance: About 1-2 weeks for all the paperwork and inspections.

Step 4: Warehousing and Distribution

  • Unloading and Warehousing: About a week for receiving and storing your goods.
  • Inventory Management: Ongoing, but your initial setup might require up to a week.
  • Distribution: 1-2 weeks depending on your internal logistics.

Step 5: Sales and Marketing

  • Product Listing: A week to get your products online or into your catalog.
  • Promotional Activities: Variable, but start planning at least a month in advance.

Step 6: Total Duration

Your Total Duration = Research and Negotiation + Manufacturing + Shipping and Customs + Warehousing and Distribution + Sales and Marketing

Aerial side view of cargo ship carrying container and running for export

Keep in mind, these are estimates and actual times may vary. It’s wise to factor in some buffer time in each phase to manage contingencies.

For a tailored approach to meet your specific needs, feel free to contact us. Together, we can make this process as efficient as possible.

Want to know how to compress lead times?

Looking to expedite your monthly container orders of mattress? Contact us now for expert guidance on compressing lead times without sacrificing quality.

The Basic Knowledge About Mattress

Gain essential insights into mattress, tailored for wholesalers who regularly place container orders.

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

Navigating the complexities of mattress importation isn’t without challenges. Awareness of potential pitfalls can equip you to handle them effectively.

Top Mattress Import Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Hidden Costs: Opt for transparent pricing.
  • Customization Lack: Verify options availability.
  • Regulatory Issues: Ensure supplier compliance.
  • Delivery Delays: Choose suppliers with fast shipping.
  • Communication Gaps: Demand clear updates.
  • Foam Quality: Check for durability standards.
  • Wire Thickness: Confirm gauge for longevity.
  • Foam Density: Avoid sag with high-density foam.
  • Size Accuracy: Ensure true-to-spec dimensions.
  • Glue Safety: Use only non-toxic adhesives.

Understanding and mitigating these common challenges are crucial for maintaining a profitable and reliable operation. Choosing a supplier that proactively addresses these issues is key to long-term success.

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose DIKAPABED?

With 12 years of experience, DIKAPABED is well versed in this field. Yes, you are dealing with masters. You can trust us with your needs and expectations.

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The certificate of guarantee, quality mark and other relevant documents provided by BSCI FSC SGS TUV AMAZON Factory are all in order.

The FAQs About Mattress

Find quick answers to common questions about our mattress offerings, from quality assurance to delivery timelines, specially curated for high-volume wholesalers and retailers.

We offer a diverse range of mattresses including memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, and orthopedic options. Our products cater to various commercial settings such as hotels, healthcare facilities, and residential complexes.

Yes, we offer tiered pricing models that provide significant discounts for high-volume orders. The more you purchase, the more you save.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is a 20ft container. This allows us to optimize shipping costs and provide you with the most value for your investment.

Quality is our priority. Each mattress undergoes rigorous quality control checks that include material inspection, durability testing, and comfort evaluation.

We offer flexible payment terms including T/T, L/C, and online payment methods. A 30% deposit is generally required to commence production.

  • Production Time: 30 days to craft your mattresses to our high-quality standards.
  • Delivery to Port: Allow an additional 45 days for your products to be shipped to the port.
  • Delivery to Your Warehouse: Finally, an extra 10 days to have them transported to your warehouse.

In total, you're looking at approximately 85 days from the moment your order starts its production until it arrives at your warehouse.

Feel free to hit the "Get a Quote" button on our website to initiate your order.

As Sara Wong, the owner of Langfang Liutai Furniture, I assure you that customization is at the heart of what we offer. From size variations like single to king, to materials such as knitted fabric and high-density foam, we've got you covered. Interested in fire-resistant options or specific packing like roll-up with carton boxes? We can do that too. To get started, just click on the 'Get a Quote' button on our website.

Looking for flexible packaging options that suit your business model? You can count on us. Our standard approach is vacuum compression; we roll up the mattress and securely place it in a carton box.
Need something different? We can also accommodate pallets or customize the packaging just for you.

The simplest way to place a container order is to contact me directly, Sara Wong. Click the 'Get a Quote' button on this page to get started. I will personally make sure your business needs are met.

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@dikapabed.com”

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