Top 10 Mattress Manufacturers in Turkey

As a writer for DIKAPABED, I know how important it is to find good manufacturers. Turkey’s mattress market is hot right now, and I’m going to share with you the top 10 mattress manufacturers in Turkey, including our competition.

The top 10 mattress manufacturers in Turkey:

BRN Sleep Products

Berfa Group


Sahin Brothers

Nurum Furniture

Meta Furniture


Yatas Group

Vettor Home


These companies are renowned for their excellent products and innovative solutions.

Want to dive deeper into what makes these manufacturers stand out? Read on to learn more about their unique offerings and why they should be on your radar.

#1 BRN Sleep Products: Excellence in Sleep Technology

I’ve always been impressed by BRN Sleep Products. Based in Turkey, they are a top-notch manufacturer specializing in mattresses, covers, box springs, and adjustable beds. Their commitment to quality and innovation really sets them apart.

  • Website: BRN Sleep Products
  • Key Products: Mattresses, box springs, adjustable beds
  • Notable Features: High-quality materials, advanced sleep technology
  • Contact:+90 3523114499 +90 5308779450 +90 5326172545

#2 Berfa Group: Comprehensive Sleep Solutions

Berfa Group is another giant in Turkey’s mattress industry. They manufacture a variety of sleep products, including highly durable pocket spring mattresses. If you’re looking for reliability and comfort, Berfa Group has got you covered.

  • Website: Berfa Group
  • Key Products: Pocket spring mattresses, sleep products
  • Notable Features: Extensive product range, high durability

#3 Fano: Durable and Reliable

Fano is one of those brands that never disappoints. They specialize in metal beds, bunk beds, and mattresses, and have been around since 1985. Their products are built to last, making them a reliable choice for both homes and commercial settings.

  • Website: Fano
  • Key Products: Metal beds, bunk beds, mattresses
  • Notable Features: Durability, reliability
  • Company name: Gunes Metal Ltd
  • Contact:Email:export@rivals.com.tr
  • Phone/WhatsApp:+90 549 445 54 34
FANO Furniture Packing

#4 Sahin Brothers: Quality and Affordability

I can’t recommend Sahin Brothers enough for those looking for quality and affordability. Established in 2016, they offer a wide range of products including mattresses, sofas, and bed bases. They are perfect if you need great products without breaking the bank.Alibaba Gold Suppliers

  • Website: Sahin Brothers
  • Key Products: Mattresses, sofas, bed bases
  • Notable Features: Quality, affordability
  • Company name:Mehmet Sahin Sahin Brothers Trade Ithalat Ihracat
  • Contact :+90 (546) 216 35-60 (Turkey) ,+1 (941) 473 69-91 (USA),info@sahinbrotherstradecompany.com
  • Year established:2016

#5 Nurum Furniture: Innovative and Customizable

For those of you who need something tailored to your specific needs, Nurum Furniture is a fantastic option. Since 2015, they’ve been offering customizable mattresses, bed bases, and living room furniture. Their innovative designs ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Website: Nurum Furniture
  • Key Products: Mattresses, bed bases, living room furniture
  • Notable Features: Customizable options, innovative designs
  • Year established:2015
  • Contact person:Mr. Kenan Demiroglu

#6 Meta Furniture: Simple and Elegant

Meta Furniture is relatively new, having been established in 2021, but they already make a big impact. They focus on simple yet elegant mattress designs that are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. If you like minimalist designs, you’ll love Meta Furniture.They do not offer customization options.

  • Website: Meta Furniture,https://mudogroup.trustpass.alibaba.com/
  • Key Products: Mattresses, bedroom furniture
  • Notable Features: Simple design, elegant aesthetics
  • Contact person:Mr. DOGRUCAN HUSEYIN
  • Year established:2021
  • Phone: 2081502230
  • Email: info@metafurniture.co.uk

#7 CMK: Versatile and Affordable

CMK is a versatile manufacturer offering a range of affordable sleep products. Established in 2019, they are known for their competitive pricing and reliable quality. For those of us who need quality on a budget, CMK is a solid choice.

  • Website: CMK,http://www.cmkbilisim.com/
  • Key Products: Mattresses, bed bases
  • Notable Features: Versatility, affordability
  • Contact person:NAIL AKIN
  • Email:export@cmkbilisim.com
  • Phone:+90 535 949 23 64
  • Year established:2019

#8 Yatas Group: Tradition and Innovation

Yatas Group combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. Founded in 1987, they offer a wide range of high-quality mattresses and sleep products. If you appreciate a blend of tradition and modern comfort, Yatas Group is definitely worth considering.

  • Website: Yatas Group,alibaba store
  • Key Products: Mattresses, sleep products
  • Notable Features: Tradition, innovation
  • Company name:Yatas Yatak ve Yorgan Sanayi Ticaret AS
  • Year established:1987
  • Contact person:Tolga Yurtoren

#9 Vettor Home: Comprehensive Home Solutions

Vettor Home, a brand of Aksan Mobilya, provides comprehensive home solutions, including high-quality mattresses. Established in 1990, Vettor Home is known for stylish designs and durable products. If you’re outfitting a home, their products are definitely worth a look.

  • Website: Vettor Home
  • Key Products: Mattresses, bedroom furniture
  • Notable Features: Comprehensive solutions, stylish designs
  • Year established:1990

#10 Dikapabed: Global Reach and Innovation

Finally, I want to tell you about us at Dikapabed. Although we aren’t based in Turkey, we have a significant presence in the global market, including Turkey. At Dikapabed, we pride ourselves on our rapid sample production, innovative designs, and commitment to quality. If you need a reliable global supplier, we are here for you.

  • Website: Dikapabed
  • Key Products: Mattresses, bed frames, sofa beds
  • Notable Features: Rapid sample production, global reach
  • Contact person:Sara Wong
  • Phone:+86 15127642170
Corporate Offices


Finding the right mattress manufacturer is key to ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. These top 10 manufacturers in Turkey offer a diverse range of high-quality, innovative products. Whether you prioritize affordability, customization, or advanced sleep technology, you can find the perfect mattress from these trusted brands. Here’s to better sleep and great choices!

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